Comparison With Other Companies

You are about to make a HUGE financial decision. We hope this grid can help guide your journey while you navigate the wide range of offerings from local Property Managers. We strongly recommend you check our competitors and you will see Homesprings are superior and more Experienced

Homesprings Other Companies
Realty & Property Management
Aplha Property Managements Citadel Property
Management Corp.
Jampaganza Property Management My Home Management
David Mavahedian
Michael Crespo
Esteban Vargas-Marrero
Gabiel, Mario

Phone Number / Email

888-708-3608 / Info@HomeSprings.Net

516-850-8461 /

646‐654‐0722 /

(718) 701-8661 (O) (844) 526-7242

347-429-1337 /

How many people work for You

16 Employees

Just Me

8 Managing Agents 12 Real estate Agents 24 Service/field Staff


2 Owners of company plus 3 independent contractors

How many properties do you manage

32 Properties

Currently 5 Companies Under a different management company



8 Properties

How long have you been in business?

23 Years Since 1997

9 years

17 years

11 years - since 2007

Company started November 2017

What is your monthly rate?

$ 99.00 Per Unit Cancel at any time No questions asked


This is dependent on the property. We have asked for a detailed  description of the property including financials and a time to discuss  in order to present a proposal.  


Flat Fee 109 a month per occupied unit

Do you have a set up fee?





one months rent for empty units at time of lease signing

What are your fees for placing tenants?

No fee for Home owner, tenant pays us 1 month rent as a broker’s fee

2 Months Rent

We charge a standard NYS brokerage fee to the incoming tenants

1 Month Rent

1 Month Rent

Do you charge for evictions?

The Attorney's in our office offer eviction service. Which can be paid after we remove current tenant. Once a New Tenant is in place we will deduct an agreed upon amount till the fee is paid. No cash out of your pocket. Here at Homesprings we NEVER take cash out of a clients pocket, our job is to make you money.

I would reffer to attorney

Not for our involvement. We do however work with the  landlord tenant  attorneys who do charge for   these services. 

No only legal fees and time spent

Attorney Fees Only

What is your cancellation fee? 

0, cancel at anytime if not completely satisfied with our services


There is no cancellation fee  however there is a required  30 day notice by either party

None (we dont want our property owners to feel like they need to be forced to stay within a contract If your not happy, a 30-60 notice to cancel is good enough). But you will be happy!

No Cancellation Fee

Are there any other fees?

NO other fee which it will clearly state in our contract

Construction fee of 10% for jobs over $10,000

We provide a schedule A of fees that are  outside of the regular management  of the property for  example,  brokerage for commercial leasing, refinancing,  etc. 

Yes, Additional Cost: Repairs, Renovations, legal costs, Materials/Supplies, Expenses

No other fees

Do you have your own maintenance team?

Yes we have our own In-House Contractor


No, we contract and provide all  vetting of outside vendors. 



Will I be able to approve expenses?


No repairs are ever done till Homeowner approves all job prior to starting


Anything above a above a regular pre‐determined amount would  require owner approval


Anything above 300 must have owner approval unless it is an emergency repair to maintain immediate safety of tenants and building

Do you use licensed and bonded contractors?

Yes, BrooklynServicesG which has been in business for over 30 years




Yes all contractors used are licensed.

Do you upcharge on maintenances expenses?




No, we are clear with expense charges from the very beginning. Some repairs will cost more than others, it will be your choice whether or not to go with it. But we will not throw in hidden charges

No up charges

Do you do property inspections?

Yes Every 60 Days or at Homeowners request



Yes every 30-60 days unless we have already been there for a repair and/or problem

Every 6 months or at request of owner

Do you send out financial statements?

Yes, Property Finances can be downloaded from our site portal by you at any time you choose. You will have your own log ID & Password

Bank Statements

We provide 24 hour online access to all  financial data and work order  maintenance reports

Yes every month

Yes, yearly

How much rent can I get for my property?

We must evaluate the property, the location & factor in the current rental market in your area 1st

I don't Know since i do not have your property address

We don’t have any data  on your property

Depends on your geographical area

Can't answer at this time, have yet to see property

How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

We post all Apt listing on multiple top site, Any Apt we post are filled quickly

Depends on several variables

We need more information  about your property.

Depends on the type of clienta,/applicants that apply and time the applicant needs to give their prent landlord to vacate. Plus we do extensive credit abd background checks

Dependent on market, normally within 1 month.

What hours are you available?


All Hours

We are in the office from 9 to 5pm  Monday through Friday  We have 24 hour emergency  service hotline  available 7 days a week.  We are available to our clients  by cell phone at any time. 

Office is open from 9-5. Emergency line is available 24 hours and all property owners can reach me whenever they need too.


What do you like about being a property manager?

It a great line of work and here at Homesprings we love the field which is why we’ve been in business successfully for over 23 years.

Being creative,solving problems Making new connections/Relationships learning,that will be applied to my personal life

We have been doing this for 17 years. My business partner and I have a  background as financial advisor for 10 years prior. We like results and building long lasting  relationships based on trust. 

The smiles on my tenants faces they we make them feel comfortable and loved as well as the smike and feedback from out owners that we are providing great management to their properties.

Delivering the best service to customers to ensure a stable income for our clients and and a continuing successful business for ourselves.

What makes you different from your competitors?

We offer all services Property related under 1 roof. Legal services, Maintenance & Construction, Property Management & all Real Estate Services.

Very few firms in NY offer all these services under 1 roof.

To get the answer for this question just read the reviews from current & past customer just like you

I am Honest,Loyal

Our financial background has cultivated a longstanding belief in transparency. We believe in bringing  clarity to our owners in the daily management and long‐term vision of the needs of the property. We  believe in working closely with our clients in achieving their objectives of a property. We have a  multitude of experience in areas such as Management, Brokerage, Construction Management, Building  Finance and Development Services along with the  related education and certifications  expected from  professionals in the field. 

Compasion, honesty, loyalty, budget conscious, keeping your property safe and free from damage and although tenants can drive you crazy we care about their comfort. We dont like move outs we try to maintain all tenants for as long as possible.

Flat fee rate, no maintenance up charges no long term contracts

What elements make income properties profitable? 

We make money for our clients & we've successfully been doing it for over 23 years.

Also when you sign with us & your units are vacant, we charge you nothing till we full the units & start making you money.

Ameneties/services provided Carb appeal

Working closely with the field staff to implement preventative maintenance procedures, Close scrutiny  of the financials and budgets of the property. Monitoring  lease expirations, unit preparation and early advance marketing of available units in an effort to keep building operating at maximum capacity and  efficiency. 

Good good tenants!, capital improvements, low expenses, high income.

No fees, clean modern apartments.

Do you offer a discount for multiple properties?




Depends on the rental monthly income

As we are a flat fee company we offer no such discounts.

Do you pay a referral fee if I refer friends to you?

Yes a 1 time cash payment




1 month of maintenance waived.

Do you do real estate sales?

Yes & Homesprings has been for over 23 years.



We only look for applicants for renting

Yes fully licensed and insured in New York State.

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