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We have a variety of city and government programs which pay rent for their clients. In most cases, you will receive direct payment from the institution. Some of these tenants are elderly, disabled, or single women with small children. Here's a story below from one of our clients.
Homesprings placed a tenant in a unit for a client whose property we manage. The program paid one year of rent plus a $5000 bonus to the homeowner. See his story and copies of all payments below.

My name is James. I was referred to Homesprings Realty by a friend of mine. They filled a unit, which was a one bedroom apartment in my building, to a woman who had an eight-month-old son and a ten-year-old daughter. The entire process was quick and went smoothly with Homesprings as my realtors. Most of the rent was paid for one full year plus a $5,000.00 bonus.

THE TOTAL CHECK I RECEIVED AFTER LEAVING HOMESPRINGS OFFICE was $ 20,630.00.. The monthly rent for this one bedroom unit is $1,515.00. All was paid for one year except after three months of lease signing date, and I will start receiving checks for $400.00 a month for the remaining months of the lease. After the one year term is over, it automatically renews. With this large payment, I was able to renovate two bathrooms in the same building, which I also used a Homesprings licensed contractor to do, and I still had thousands left over. The great part about this is I didn’t have to pay Homespring Realty a cent. The city pays their brokerage fee.


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Brokers Fee is Paid by the City/Government, No cost to Homeowner

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To list your apartment with Homesprings Realty through one of our city- or government-funded programs, all requirements below must be met. This process is fast and very little is required from you as the property owner when working with Homesprings. The option to have Homesprings manage your apartment/unit/house/condo is completely up to you after we get your unit rented. But if you choose to hire us to manage any unit, whether we fill the unit for you or not, your cost is only $99.99 a month.

  • You must show proof of ownership of property
  • Rental unit must pass a basic inspection
  • Building must be clean & safe
  • Building must have a Certificate of Occupancy
  • When you list any apartment unit with Homespring Realty and Property Management, whether you choose one of our government programs or standard tenants, we thoroughly screen every prospective renter so that you can be assured that the renter is fully qualified.


    • Nationwide Criminal Search shows you all criminal convictions from the most comprehensive and accurate nationwide database.*
    • Transunion Credit Report with FICO® score to verify how well the tenants handle their credit, pay their bills, and if they have any collections history.
    • Nationwide Eviction Search to see if the tenant has had any prior evictions.
    • Prior Address Search shows the complete address history of the tenant.
    • SSN Verification to verify the validity of the SSN provided.
    • Most states limit a landlord to a maximum review period of 7 years for criminal convictions.

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